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We are proud and delighted to announce that Exi-tite is now the first and only Passive House Institute (PHI)-certified ventilation distributor in Scotland.

Congratulations are due to Alan Gordon, our Regional Manager in Scotland, who recently passed the prestigious PHI Tradesperson examination. 

What is Passive House?

Passive House (or Passivhaus) buildings deliver high levels of energy efficiency and comfort for users, alongside outstanding air quality through ventilation.

Designed to maintain an almost constant temperature, a Passive House is constructed, insulated and ventilated in such a way they means it requires very little additional heating or cooling, other than from the sun and the activities of its occupants.

Good planning and careful execution of the all project design details are essential, meaning building professionals need additional expertise which can be gained via the Passive House courses.

Upcoming Passive House Projects.

Exi-tite Scotland is currently involved in the selection, supply and commissioning of numerous Passive House projects in Scotland, using our extensive experience of Helios ventilation solutions.

But the success story doesn’t end there! Thanks to Exi-tite’s group reach, Alan’s expertise can also be of benefit to customers across the UK or Ireland.

For more information about potential Passive House projects, or Helios ventilation solutions, contact Tel: 0141 5303511.

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