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External plant space was very limited on this project and so required a compact, fresh air solution with a high efficiency heat recovery mechanism. Our heat pump air handling unit range provided an AHU with a heat recovery wheel and integral DX heat pump system to temper air as a comprehensive solution. Normally, to maintain the heat pumps operation during a cold morning start up, an electric heater batter is usually placed to add energy to the air being drawn from the building. This means that the temperature of air entering the evaporator coil is enough to maintain operation and prevent it freezing; when the AHU is outside of its operational envelope. 

To meet the site power supply limitations preventing the use of multiple electric heater batteries, we developed a method using DX, operating as effectively but 5 times more efficiently than conventional methods. 


Outdoor units 

2 x HPR 92 

1 x HPR 144 

3 x LG High COP frost protection units 

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