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Blending in to the high class modern décor of Belfast’s Flint Hotel are LG’s wall mounted mirror units. Sited in bedrooms and coridors, these slim line, low noise, modern and stylish units maintain full climate control to a comfortable environment for the hotel’s clientele. Using an LG comfort cooling feature, the indoor units reduce their cooling impact to the air passing through them. As the room approaches the users set-point, the system produces an air temperature close to that of the room reduces any draft felt by the user dramatically and really improves their thermal comfort”. 


Outdoor units 

8 x Multi V 5 VRF 

Indoor units 

65 x Multi V Mirror wall mounted 

3 x Multi V Mid-static ceiling concealed duct 

6 x Multi V Low-static ceiling concealed duct 

1 x 4 way Ceiling Cassette 

Dual Sensing Control measures both the sensible and latent temperatures to meet exact load requirements. Consisting of; 

Smart Load Control: Measures the changing outdoor ambient temperatures and prepares the Multi V VRF system before the conditions have a chance to change the indoor comfort. 

Comfort Cooling: Monitors the outdoor temperature and humidity levels and controls the indoor unit superheat, reducing refrigerant volume flowing through the coil if required. 

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