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Internal environments are extremely important when considering the comfort and wellbeing. Marjory Kinnon and Oaklands educational facilities, two Middlesex based special educational needs and disabilities schools (SEND), recently both moved into new purpose-built premises offering state of the art facilities capable of delivering quality learning in a safe flexible environment for 512 pupils that attend. 

In order to provide building preheat, a commercial heat pump system adopts an air recirculation mode and uses the integral heat pump circuit to provide air up to 18oC into the building. Low temperature hot water [LTHW] coils mounted in local ductwork provided localised boosts and closer control to individual areas. 


Air handling unit, localised ERV and extract ventilation 

The Alpha cycle

Unit is now efficient and effective. 

It removes the use of electric heaters and makes the switch to renewable technology. 

Preheat by DX heating

Supply and extract damper closed 

Recirculation damper open 

Heat pump ON 

Heat pump preheat ON

Normal Operation

Supply and extract damper open 

Bypass closed 

Heat pump ON/OFF 

Heat pump preheat OFF 

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